Card decks circulate symbolic systems of the past, so these can be used for situation analysis, therapy and play. I have hosted workshops revolving around the technology of card playing, specifically the historical link between fortune telling and gambling. This ongoing research explores the human ability to create personal narratives out of bits and pieces of ideology.

The private dialogue is the most comfortable way to facilitate this narrative exchange between people, and that‘s how card readings normally are set up. Gathering less then 20 people in a workshop setting is another possibilty to explore card reading as a political practice.

In these workshops we used either my own deck or found decks of poker cards.

January 2017, Artist Space New York

The first time I tested my newly developed deck of modernist tarot cards in practice was a few days after the inauguration of the new US-president, and a lot of my New Yorker participants were struck by acute political anger, hopelessness and fear. Titled Industry & Fortune it is themed around the aesthetic and political symbolism of the Weimar Republic. History cannot repeat itself, but the symbols of revolutionary modernism keep circulating and we are tryign to used them to predict the future and to analyze the present.

December 2017, i:projectspace Beijing

During a residency in Beijing I hosted the Workshop Chance Fiction, combining methods borrowed from Chinese and European fortune telling to make everyone develop a fictional character.

Besides our bodies, coins, pen and paper, we worked with a variety of theme poker decks, originally published for educational purposes, advertisement, propaganda and advice. Their accidental resemblance with tarot cards was used to explore the creative and analytic potential of chance-based story telling.