Anna Zett was born in Leipzig and lives in Berlin. After graduating from University of Humboldt in 2012 she made the essay film This Unwieldy Object. Described as 'research drama', the film is based on a very sincere academic research about modernist contradictions in US-American dinosaur animation. During this post-academic phase she also travelled around performing the silent lecture Dinosaur.Gif. After the dinosaur project she half-way disengaged from cinema and started to focus on the voice as medium, technology and political metaphor. Physical practice in various dance contexts and martial sports supported her interest in performative exchanges that aren't centered around the gendered, racial and economic regimes of spectactorship.

Zetts research and practice still revolve around science fiction, non-holy magic and other paradoxical genres of capitalist and (un)communist culture. Her video and audio work has been presented at museums, galleries, festivals and project spaces. Beyond the visual arts she has written and directed two radio dramas for the German public radio and has been co-hosting a participatory dance show.

Her ongoing project is a card deck themed around the Weimar Republic, to be used as a tool for interactive situation analysis, therapy and play.