Interactive sculpture
glass, sand, electronic modules, plastic
video 1080 x 1920 px
1‘ and 21‘58‘

This Handy Object at the group show „SPECIES OF SPACES“, ACUD MACHT NEU Berlin, 2018. Photos: Pierluigi Muscolino

A handmade glass object visibly containing electronics rests on a heap of sand infront of a glass screen. As long as it stays there, the screen plays a video loop showing a hand picking up the object, in order to encourage the viewer to do the same. Once the glass is picked up, a longer, partly narrative video starts to play. As soon as the glass is put down again, the projection returns to the introductory video loop.

This Handy Object
This Handy Object „This Handy Object“, installation views, ACUD MACHT NEU Berlin, 2018. Photos by Anna Zett

This Handy Object explores the activity of grasping from a physical and symbolic perspective. A movement sensor connects a touchable sculpture to a video projection on a screen that‘s made out of the same fragile, yet firm material - glass. Virtuality is conflicted with physical reality in This Handy Object, when the same object that is played with on screen needs to be held carefully by the viewer.

„This Handy Object“, video still.

The title refers to This Unwieldy Object (Anna Zett 2014), a film that addressed the systemic impossibility of contact between subject and object within the cinematic apparatus. This Handy Object performs a playful actualization of the problem of contact, now dealing with the post-cinematic apparatus of the touchscreen and the paradigm of participation.