Video 1920 x 1080 px
color, stereo
German with English subtitles

A pile of pebble gravel of industrial dimensions serves as a surface for a writing performance. A person sprays “Dear environment” in red letters onto a heap of gravel, apparently in the hope that verbal language would be a suitable medium to contact the ecosystem. „Dear environment, there is something left over." The performance is interwoven with footage of a spotaneous action by artists painting and writing onto the East side of the Berlin wall in November 1989 shortly after the border opened. Stone is not always a solid ground, writing is not always a solid medium of memory.

Camera: Nadja Krüger
Sound mix: Jochen Jezussek

Archive material:
Painting the Berlin wall in November 1989, Recordings: Klaus Freymuth,
Robert-Havemann-Archiv Berlin